Zoom allows audio, video, and chatting with Teachers and students, but it can also be misused.  Below are some tips when joining and setting up meetings.

Everyone should remember that there are enough bad actors out there, we don't need to help them, or be like them.  Don't use bad names, backgrounds, or say ugly things in chat.  Don't share your class codes online or with anyone, everyone invited to the meeting should have all they need.

Staff, restrict your meetings to RISD or Zoom authenticated users if possible.  All students and staff have RISD credentials.  An easy way to direct people to login to Zoom is after logging into Google, the waffle icon has Zoom at the bottom.

For the meeting organizer, this setting is under Advanced in your meeting details.
Zoom Auth settings
Sign in to Zoom: anyone that has a zoom account tied to any email address can log in.
Google RISD: current students and employees.

Consider recording your sessions to better help support, if possible.  Consider recording your sessions to better help support, if possible.

Students cannot initiate meetings.  It looks like you can, but nobody can join the meeting with you.  If anyone finds that students are starting meetings, please report as much detail as you can to byates@risd.k12.nm.us .
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