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                                                                    Jennifer Cole -  Director Of Federal Programs

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Administrative Secretary- Patricia Garibay
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Administrative Secretary - Brenda Ortiz
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 Jennifer Cole's Belief Statement 

I believe every student deserves access to high quality educational opportunities. I believe every educator deserves access to high quality professional development and systems of support. I believe the very essence of a learning community is a sincere and vigilant commitment to the learning of each child, parent, and educator.

"No matter what happens on the field, getting an education makes you a winner".-Lou Holtz

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Information related to student access to academic programs and services, resources to support professional development, student, family, teacher instructional needs, safety needs and information related to Pre-K., and College Career Readiness.   

Some Areas of Focus for Mrs. Cole:

  • Leveraging financial and community resources to meet the needs of schools.
  • Collecting data, researching current practices & policies, and conducting needs assessments to best leverage funding resources.
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of resources to all schools so all students, specifically under served populations, have access to resources.
  • Working collaboratively with school leadership, and community leadership effectively aligning and leveraging resources to organizational  goals and planned outcomes.
  • Analyze multiple data points to continuously review and improve processes, aligning systems with district 90-day plan and superintendent vision for organizational achievement and development and development.
  • Collaboratively monitor Title I, II, IV, K5 Plus, Safe School and Academic Enrichment, Direct Student Services, McKinney Vendo, Migrant, Striving expenditures, compliance, and alignment with district and school 90-Day Plans, including comparable access to supplemental educational services and resources for under served populations.


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